Stow Your Damaged Vehicle in a Safe Place

Get accident vehicle storage services in Shelby, & Hillsdale NC

Getting into an auto accident can be overwhelming and expensive. Fortunately, Privette's Towing, LLC offers accident vehicle storage services in Shelby, NC and surrounding areas. If you need a place to store your damaged vehicle after a collision, we've got you covered. Our drivers can tow your vehicle to one of our private lots where we'll watch over it until your insurance company arrives to retrieve it.

Auto insurance typically covers the cost of storing your vehicle. Reach out to us right away to arrange for reliable wrecked car storage services.

See why it's important to stow your automobile after an accident

Privette's Towing, LLC provides wrecked car storage services in Shelby, NC. We can tow and store your vehicle after an accident to help:

  • Preserve evidence for insurance purposes
  • Keep your vehicle from being damaged further on the side of the road
  • Prevent other drivers from crashing into your vehicle on the side of the road
Call 704-300-5951 now to schedule accident vehicle storage services. We'll be happy to answer any questions.

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